We use only the best quality materials on the market in order to provide the best products to our patients

Online Speech Pathology

TALE+ offers exceptional online speech therapy solutions for individuals of all ages via our HIPAA compliant platform.

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Online Corporate Communication Skills Training

TALE+ provides communication skills training for those whose work relies on communication. We offer our clients and patients high-quality services via our HIPAA compliant platform. Whether you need accent modification support in a non-native language or assistance with public speaking skills, let us help you progress in your career!

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In-Home Services

At TALE+ we offer 1:1 in-home services for a limited clientele in Puerto Rico. TALE+ has providers that offer therapies in your home for areas such as articulation skills, receptive and expressive language, stuttering, feeding and swallowing, written language, voice disorders, and more!

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Who We Are

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